Football Pools

TV Campaign

The Challenge

In a world of lottery mega millions and more gambling possibilities than Las Vegas, The Football Pools now has to work harder than ever to engage and hold the attention of the Pools-playing public. The relaxation of gambling rules for broadcast media has also created a far busier playing field. Against this background, our challenge was to create a multi-platform approach that would make the Pools relevant and credible enough to engage new gambling-savvy audiences while continuing to engage their loyal fan base.  

The Insight

Football fans love the beautiful game with a passion. For them, only one thing comes close to the euphoria of winning - the prospect of also winning big on the Pools. Pick 10 potential score draws from 49 matches and if 8 of those draws are correct, a £1 stake could transport you to football dreamland. All of this means that the Pools has an opportunity to engage in a way that lotteries can’t.

Many Pools players are also increasingly football literate; everyone is a pundit now. They listen to the forensic after match analysis then form their own opinions, studying form to get a better idea of which fixtures are likely to be score draws. So an idea that backs into the universal language of football could turn out to be a winning tactic.

The Solution

The idea of being able to win big with as little as £1 (or in colloquial parlance ‘a quid’) led to a creative route that would resonate with our core audiences.

20 years ago, popular TV pundit Alan Hansen, whose insightful punditry transformed post-match TV analysis, made the memorable comment that ‘You can’t win anything with kids’. By changing the word ‘kids’ to quids, we created a memorable campaign which reprised Alan’s famous phrase and showed him being happily proven wrong, to the ecstatic approval of two delirious Pools winners.

Making More Possible

  • Over 42,000 views on you tube

  • 600 facebook likes

  • 1 great sport : Alan Hanson

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