Commissioning portal and app

The Challenge

To redesign the BBC e-commissioning portal and pitching process, and deliver an intuitive design solution for both BBC commissioners and pitching production companies that simplifies, excites and delivers efficiency.

The Insight

When directors and producers give birth to a new idea, they’re itching to get it in front of someone. The new commissioning system was designed with one aim in mind: to make sure it’s the right someone - enabling industry talent to create a new proposal, view their submissions and access feedback.

Understanding the audiences and their frustrations with the old system was an essential part of our insight-gathering process, delivered through co-creation workshops which informed our design for the UX&D strategy and interface specification. Our stated aim was to communicate that if a TV idea is good enough and original enough, BBC Pitch will enable it to go all the way.

The Solution

You can write the script. We successfully created a vibrant and relevant BBC Pitch brand and a simple, responsive design concept that worked beautifully within the sharepoint platform. A complete digital solution including the BBC Pitch name, visual identity, tone of voice, assets, interaction design, user journeys, wireframes, interface specification, UX&D strategy, delivery map, prototyping and digital design for desktop and mobile platforms. 

User-specific interfaces allowed custom views and personalisation, plus access to relevant content. All brand assets and templates were provided to the technology delivery partner. Testing and support throughout ensured digital design integrity and effectiveness.

Our approach successfully overcame logistical issues and conveyed the fact that BBC Pitch does exactly what it says on the film tin - a new producer-friendly online proposals system which makes it easier to get work on air

Making More Possible

  • 34% increase in relevant submissions

  • 56% decrease in rejections

  • 100% happiness from BBC commissions

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